January 4, 2017

The temperature is heating up, so now it’s time for less lounging around inside and more outdoor adventures! The beach is the place to be this summer with the warm salt breeze, sandy toes, and sunny atmosphere. Take the stress off of life and enjoy some rest and relaxation. It’s the perfect location to spend time with friends and family. Whether you’re going on vacation this summer or going to the beach 5 minutes down the road, it will be well worth the journey. Or even if you’e taking a trip! We’ll talk more about our New Years trip further down in the post.

Here at Enlightenment Greeting Cards, we have a whole line of cards dedicated to summertime happiness! Send one of our beach cards to friends and family as a happy reminder that your beach trip is coming up! Our handmade cards include seashells, mermaids, colorful fish, ocean views, docks, whales, dolphins, and so much more!  Each card paints a memory you’ll have or a lovely scenic view. These cards are not just great for the summertime, but all year round!